Fresh from the Kiln


I have recently had an intern with me, for an entire month, and I decided to start a project I had been planning on doing since I got into my studio but had been putting off because I hadn’t had the time to do it as well as everything else.

That project is coloured clay. What I have to say is WOW instant addiction or what?!?!? This Technique is totally awsome. We used the Harry Fraser Porcelain powder simply because it’s in a convenient powder form, and added 5% hi-fire stain to it, made it into a slip and left it for a few days to soak, then we started working with it. Some of the colours didn’t really work, like the pink, that went a funny grey green colour, but the others are so intense, like the yellow, red and jaffa orange in the photos.
To get the swirly effect, I coned some Audrey Blackman Porcelain, then started to throw, but added sausages of colour which I really pushed into the clay, then I just recentred and threw the pieces. We also had a go at making a loaf, which turned out pretty awsome too. Definitely something I want to continue to experiment with in the future.


4 thoughts on “Fresh from the Kiln

    • Thankyou! It may not be an original technique, but it is new to me and something I will explore further, perhaps using a different colour as the base, I’m not sure yet

  1. dear emx , I really like the yarn bowl and the porcelain bowl with the mingling of
    the colours on the side to suggest a landscape as well as the cup and saucer.
    Keep up the good work.

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