I am doing a Pop Up Shop!!

DSC_0094As I already mentioned, I will be doing a pop-up with a group of other locally (Bath) based artists. A lovely lady and fellow local artist by the name of Gill Silversides is organising it and was kind enough to invite me to take part see the website here http://poptartbath.wordpress.com/. So I will be selling some of my yarn bowls and few other choice items there and doing a few stints looking after the shop.

Also, a few months ago, a lady came into our shop (where I work) and asked for some donations of items for a charity auction for the local Alzheimers drop-in center, so I donated one of my yarn bowls. The lady came back yesterday and said that it went for £32.50 after a bit of a bidding war between 2 ladies. That pleased me no end.

Anyway, here’s another of my yarn bowls. This one is just a layering of 2 glazes. A cobalt stained glaze over a copper green. I really like the way these two glazes move together and produce what looks like rain over grasslands.

I don’t only make yarn bowls, its just that I know there aren’t that many potters here in the UK making them, and I know how useful they are to the dedicated yarn artist, and they were good project to do once I got my throwing skills back. That does not mean I won’t be making any more, I will just make as I sell to keep a nice selection in stock.

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