More recent work


This is another of my yarn bowls. It is the Scarva Speckled Stoneware again, but this time glazed with an earthenware tin white which I then fired to around 1280C. The little red majolica flowers are Spectrum xmas red underglaze which I applied after applying the glaze. The underglaze sank into the glaze while the glaze sank into the clay. The result is a fresh white ground with the fleck from the clay coming through making the glaze seem a natural extention of the clay underneath. The tricky part was applying it. With out the spray booth I had trouble getting an even all over coat, neither dipping nor brush on, something about the glaze doesn’t want to play nice, and if it gets too thick, it crawls, luckily this bowl made it through with flying colours.

I will be selling this bowl and the one in the previous (first) post in a pop-up shop next month, along with about 6 other yarn bowls. What doesn’t sell I will put onto Etsy. The shop will be in Bath, next to At Sixes and Sevens, opposite Blacks and will be there for a month. A lovely lady amd fellow artist by the name of Jill is organising it, and there will be several local Bath artists involved. If you happen to be in Bath in July, do come along, it will be amazing

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